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Dallas, TX

· 175 Units for sale off-market in the Dallas market

· The market job growth is exceeding the national average by 40%

· MHI in this area is 10% higher than the national average

· Pricing guidance is $134K/Unit – 17% lower than the market average

Saint Paul, MN

· 150 units for sale off-market in the Minneapolis market

· The market unemployment rate is 2.3% which is 35% lower than the national average

· The pricing guidance is $83K/unit – which is a day one 7.2% cap rate on seller-provided financials and a day one 6.2% cap rate adjusted for market expenses

Westchester, NY

· 100 multi-family units for sale off-market in a highly desirable location of Westchester, New York

· There is fixed debt in place at a 3.31% interest rate that must be assumed upon purchase. This property has an unparalleled location to both transportation and downtown shopping and dining

· 85% of the apartments are free market and not subject to rent stabilization

· Amenities include 40 parking spaces, a brand new, fully equipped fitness center, as well as multiple fully equipped laundry rooms.

Horry County, SC

· 10 multi-family units for sale in the high-growth county of Horry, South Carolina

· Job growth is exceeding the national average by 30% and there is expected to be a 20% population growth in Horry over the course of the next 5 years

· The property was built in the 2000s and is currently 100% occupied

· The opportunity presents a day one 5.75% cap rate at the pricing guidance

Columbus, OH

· 200K square foot warehouse for sale in the high-growth market of Columbus, Ohio

· The job growth in Columbus is exceeding the national average by 25%

· Unemployment rate in Columbus is 16% lower than the national average

· The subject property is a class B asset and presents a day one 7% cap rate

· Pricing guidance is $65 per square foot

Omaha, NE

· 60 multi-family units for sale in the high-growth market of Omaha, Nebraska

· There is expected to be just under 7% population growth in Omaha over the next 5 years

· The subject property was built in the 1960s and is currently 96% occupied

· The opportunity presents a day one 5% cap rate and a projected stabilized 6.6% cap rate

· Pricing guidance is $50K/unit

New Bern, NC

· 70 units for sale off market in New Bern, North Carolina

· This submarket has experienced 26% year over year rent growth for 2-4 star products

· This class B property was recently renovated to include modern features

Fort Myers, Florida

· 250 unit multifamily portfolio for sale off-market in the highly desirable submarket of Fort Myers, Florida

· The portfolio contains 4 separate assets that are all 1980s vintages

· There is strong value add potential at all 4 assets, with a 30% gap between current NOI and potential stabilized NOI

· Pricing guidance is $160K/unit, which is a day one 4.3% cap rate with the potential to be stabilized at a 6.2% cap rate

· There is an option to assume the current debt on the property which contains a 3.575% interest rate

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the Team
Our investment sales team is led by the top brokers from leading firms in commercial real estate; they have advised owners and sponsors in the acquisition and disposition of over $500MM in CRE across the nation in all asset types, including multifamily, retail, and industrial to name a few.
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Experience Our Value
Live Data at Our Fingertips
Through our live data APIs and dynamic models, our team delivers the most accurate baseline of value to market your property. Our team of experts utilizes comparable properties, normalized NOI’s, realistic future views on capital expenditures, and closing costs to ensure the most accurate valuation and best possible outcome for our clients.
Predictive Model on Propensity to Transact
In combination with our carefully calculated models is our tailored approach. Based on this predictive model, our team will target the most active buyers over the past 12 months at the local and national levels with the propensity to transact.
Exposing the Property to the Widest Variety of Buyers
Through tiered marketing campaigns, we begin by exposing the property to buyers with an investment thesis that matches each opportunity. Next, we market the property to secondary and tertiary layers of investors that are harder to find. Our database has the most complete and up-to-date information on owners and sponsors in the market.
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What Our Clients Say

"Sam was on top of it from the moment we gave him the go-ahead to start marketing. He treated us very well and made our sale feel like a priority. He was communicative and attentive to us throughout the process and we would certainly recommend him and your company to anyone that asks."

Jonathan B.
What Our Clients Say

“For my Walmart Supercenter in suburban Milwaukee, the Sam Finkler/Audley Clarke TrueRate team brought me multiple offers at full asking price and we succeeded in transacting smoothly with one of those buyers, a highly credible party of longstanding repute. For our property consisting of 1,100 apartments in three high-rise towers, which we hadn’t thought of listing, they presented a plausible marketing plan designed to achieve a quite full number, and while we haven’t decided to sell that asset we will keep them in mind if we do. They strike me as young (but certainly not inexperienced!), hard-working, fully aware of what will be required of them to make their mark in a crowded field. When I disagree with them on a marketing point, they accept correction gracefully, and they are invariably available for consultation. I think it probable that whoever employs them will get hard work from them from start to finish and a high level of competence and professionalism.”

Zell K.
What Our Clients Say

“Sam carefully guided us through a profitable transaction when there were a lot of unknowns in the market. Our expectations were managed professionally, and he successfully exceeded them with his negotiating skills and special access to data that gave us an edge. Sam has earned our trust and follow-up business because his advice has the integrity we are all looking for”

Matteo C.
What Our Clients Say

“My property was recently sold by Samuel Finkler. I am more than happy and satisfied with his service and excellent negotiation skills throughout the process. Sam indeed went out of his way to work with me from listing to closing. If you are looking for honesty and great salesmanship, go with Sam. My experience was without a doubt exceptional."

Agnes S.
What Our Clients Say

“Sam provided clarity and honesty, hard to find in the competitive real estate world. He put together a comprehensive, organized, and very clear portfolio reflecting all the variables that would be considered in the sale. He also had a pool of buyers ready to "seal the deal." It was very impressive. We have nothing but high praise for Sam Finkler”

Tony O.
What Our Clients Say

“The data analysis methods they use and the understanding of the market enabled them to know exactly at what price the property should be listed. Their extensive database of potential buyers and marketing techniques produced significant interest allowing the best deal possible. The real value, however, is the professionalism that Sam brings to the table. We were extremely impressed with the team’s extensive knowledge, communication skills, efficiency, and ability to provide service on a personal level that I feel is unparalleled in this industry."

Anthony G.
What Our Clients Say

"I was compelled to share my experience with your company and Sam’s excellent job representing us in this venture. Sam had reassured us that even under these COVID times, he could sell our building. Throughout the process, Sam never pressured us to lean towards one buyer or another, detailing each offer and their terms and letting us choose. We settled on an offer that was above our asking price and are happy to have a good relationship and profitable experience. I would not hesitate to hire Sam again if I were to sell my other properties. His team made this a remarkable and fantastic experience for us, and we are grateful for their performance"

Dominick C.