Mann Report - June/July 2023 Issue

Samuel Finkler, Senior Vice President of Investment Sales, was featured in the June/July issue of the prestigious Mann Report.

Samuel Finkler is the Senior Vice President of TrueRate, a full-service commercial real estate advisory firm, specializing in investment sales as well as debt and equity placement for all property types nationwide. He previously worked at Marcus & Millichap, where he acquired 40 exclusive property listings. Finkler has a knack for identifying key market trends, building relationships with clients and creating competition around each individual property listing in order to achieve the highest prices possible.

He is a graduate of George Washington University and was a member of the ice hockey team as well as the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. In his spare time, Finkler enjoys rooting for his favorite New York sports teams and spending time with his girlfriend, family and friends.

How long have you been in the industry?

My first day at Marcus & Millichap was July 11, 2016, so about seven years.

What brought you into the industry?

I have always had a passion for real estate. Growing up in New Jersey, I would frequently travel into the city and marvel at the skyscrapers. I remember wondering how many people were living or working in each building and how much each building was worth. Naturally, this was the catalyst for my interest in the com- mercial real estate industry.

Who inspires you?

A few people who come to mind are Mark Messier and Derek Jeter, captains of their respective teams (the New York Rangers and the New York Yankees) who came to work every day with the same mentality — give it your all, lead by example and do what it takes to succeed.

How have rising interest rates and inflation affected the investment sales market?

Tremendously. Value-add deals no longer pencil, and the industry has gone through a large price discovery period over the past six to 12 months. When interest rates were low, prices were inflated. Now that pricing has come down, sellers need time to adjust to the loss of value.

However, from an investment sales perspective, we welcome down markets because this is what separates the good brokers from the bad. Good brokers can survive in any market and come out on the other side even stronger.

Are any sectors more affected than others?

The office sector has clearly been the most affected and is getting hit from all angles: working from home, inflation, rising interest rates, etc. with low occupancy levels being the largest contributor to the sector’s loss of value.

What markets are of interest?

Our team sources nationwide, but we have done most of our business in the Southeast, Northeast and Midwest. We are consistently gaining new leads, expanding our network of buyers and striving to become active in all parts of the Continental U.S.

How does TrueRate help?

TrueRate is able to expose a property to an incredibly broad audience — significantly more than any local broker would. Given our location in Manhattan, we have access to the vast levels of capital that is leaving the tri-state area on an annual basis and being invested in other parts of the country, and our team is currently working on 17 different deals in 12 different states, which allows us to track the migration of capital on a national level as well.

We also have access to the same local buyers as any other broker would, so the culmination of all these tiered layers of exposure that our process offers enables sellers to maximize the amount of offers on their property.

What keeps you up at night?

The best brokers are never satisfied. I’m always thinking about the next deal and how to get there. My ultimate goal is to help build TrueRate into a household name, and I know the team won’t stop until we get there.

Read more in Mann Report's June/July Issue.


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