Case Study: Oak Residences Deal

Oak Residences - TrueRate Investment Sales (1250 & 1260 Westford Street, Lowell, MA)
Oak Residences - TrueRate Investment Sales

Oak Residences

Address: 1250 & 1260

Westford Street, Lowell, MA.

Price: $25,900,000

Unit count: 132 units

Deal Summary

The sellers owned the property for just 12 months before TrueRate utilized a data driven approach and notified the sellers that their property had appreciated by 23% over just a 12-month holding period. Our team quickly obtained the highest offer from a proven institutional buyer delivering the seller surety of execution. TrueRate negotiated an as-is, non-contingent contract with a large non-refundable deposit upon execution, and the buyer closed in just 30 days.


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